Recently a number of high-profile authors have demonstrated lapses of judgement and engaged in unethical behavior. Although I know this is nothing new in publishing, I thought it would be a good time to list my own ethical principles when it comes to writing and publishing.

Author Code Of Ethics

  • I will not pay for reviews of my books
  • I will not publish unedited books
  • I will not plagiarize the work of other authors
  • I will not steal images to use for cover art
  • I will not post negative reviews on another author’s books as retribution
  • I will not review any books I haven’t read
  • I will not climb to the top on the bodies of others
  • I will not insult or abuse reviewers no matter what they say about my work
  • I will price my work affordably so readers get a good value
  • I will write the best books I can and work hard at my craft
  • I will reward and interact with my readers whenever possible
  • I will support and help other writers whenever possible

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