Over the last few years I have written many stories and made money selling them to readers all over the world. I have also learned a few things. Here’s a short list of what I’ve learned:

  • Great books will not sell themselves.
  • Strong marketing will sell crappy books.
  • No matter how bad you think a book is, many will love it.
  • No matter how good you think a book is, many will hate it.
  • Never underestimate the ability of a reader to enjoy the same plot over and over and over.
  • A particular genre or theme is never “over” when “experts” claim it is.
  • The system is designed to be gamed.
  • There are many authors and publishers with lower ethical standards than you.
  • No one cares if you are broke; raise money and have your book edited.
  • Some people are too nice to tell you your cover sucks ass.
  • Anything other people tell you not to do has already been done… in a best selling book.

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